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The mother whose son was on the bus said: 'The trip was part of their GCSE art studies.'All my son could say was that there had been a crash and one of the students had died. He said everyone was wearing seat belts.' Michelle Gower, another mother whose daughter was on the trip, was in tears as she said: 'It's awful. I just need her to be back with me now.'Mother Tracey Pegg, whose son was on the trip, said she has managed to speak to him. They are sending a minibus to pick them up and take them back to school.'It's just horrible.I am going to fetch him from there and bring him straight home but we don't know the full details yet.This is the first picture of Holly Brown, who died today after a minibus carrying children crashed with a bin lorry on the way to a school art trip.

A promising, beautiful girl has been robbed of her future.’One 32-year-old father-of-one, who did not want to be named, said: 'I heard earlier today about what happened.'I didn't know the family too well, but understandably it's devastating news, especially when you have a kid yourself.'My children are a bit younger, but they used to play with Holly and some other people a bit further up the road.'It's very hard when something like this happens so close to home.'Another man, who wished to remain anonymous, said: 'She seemed to be a confident girl.'Often she would have friends going to the house, and the family always seemed to be driving off from one place to the next.'You just can't imagine it, can you?Police say the road will remain closed for several hours while collision investigators work at the scene.Both drivers are helping the police with the investigation.One mother revealed that her son, who was sitting near Holly, believed the bus driver’s quick thinking prevented more deaths.He told her all pupils on the 29-seat minibus were wearing seatbelts when the Birmingham council lorry ‘hit it in the middle’.

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