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What’s more exciting about the app is that you get to know what the celebrities are up to live.

You can tell when they are online (there’s an indicator) so you don’t have to wait for your messages to be replied for ages.

Theirs appears to be the typical office romance, playful and naughty, and aided in no small measure by the privileges of parliament and the travel opportunities that come with the job.

Take a conversation dated October 19, 2015 in which Lesuuda sends Murkomen a message alerting him about a trip to China, to which he responds: “Kuna ukora nataka tufanye (I want us to get involved in some mischief)” To which Lesuuda responded: “Enhee I’m all ears…I hope ni kutengeneza mali (I hope we will make money).” Murkomen responds, saying they would organize bunge (parliament) allowance under devolution committee.

Hon Senator Murkomen is in love, not with his Mt Kenya wife BUT with fellow senator Miss Lessuda for of this story read the upcoming issue of The Nairobian read how Murkomen spewed “honorable vybes” to Senator naisula Lesuuda. I love your giggles and your nipples, “Your company and presence means a lot to me than anything else and your giggles and you telling me ‘hajana nayo. I fell in love with you, I don’t know how, I don’t know when, I don’t know where but I did… So smitten is Murkomen with the 33 year old former TV girl that he confesses his feelings for her in an email in our possession, gushing: “I fell in love with you, I don’t know how, I don’t know where but I did.” In a Whats App chat, he tells Lesuuda he wishes he had met her earlier because she is his ‘match’.

Even if (sic) nothing happens I won’t complain as long as I have you 4. And he fell hopelessly in love, according to documents and photos romantically linking the married Murkomen and Lesuuda, the daughter of the ACK Bishop of Maralal.

In 2014 she was rumoured to have a fling with Deputy President William Ruto as she was chosen as part of the delegation that accompanied him in the hustler’s jet to Gabon, Nigeria, Central Africa and Ghana. Kipchumba Murkomen, on the other hand, was born in 1979 to a squatter in a village in Embobut forest.

“Your company and presence means a lot to me than anything else and your giggles and you telling me ‘hajana nayo…” reads part of a chat sent while she is preparing to board a plane.The study found that the people who self-referred were much more likely to adhere to taking Pr EP than those in the high-risk group.Among the high-risk people, only 11 percent started Pr EP within 30 days of being offered it.“[The risk score assessment] was developed primarily as a research tool to assess HIV infection risk,” presenter James Ayieko explained, “rather than to set criteria for Pr EP.It’s therefore quite conservative and almost designed to minimize the number of people we offer Pr EP to — those we do offer it to are genuinely at very high risk.” It was also then decided to allow people to self-refer and discuss whether they needed Pr EP, even if their risk seemed lower than that suggested by the algorithm.

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