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By going out for pizza together, having them over to play games and just being in the house while they are hanging out, you see what the relationship is like and can provide guidance if something is beginning to be unhealthy. Teenagers frequently do not talk with anyone about violence when it occurs.Only 33 percent of youth dating violence is ever reported.Their brains’ ability to think through the consequences of a behavior prior to acting on their impulses is not fully developed until around 24 years old. Because their identities are still forming, teens frequently look for validation and acceptance from their dating partners. Teens normally learn how to how to function within a dating context and how to manage emotions from the adults in their lives.When they don’t receive this affirmation consistently, it can be devastating. Teens who do not have these adult connections instead draw information about how to date primarily from peers and the media.Unfortunately, relationships within media often are portrayed as controlling and possessive, leaving teens to believe this is what love looks like. Additionally, 67 percent of young people in violent dating relationships have experienced violence within their homes.

When you think of dating violence, the images that pop into your head are probably not images of 11 or 12 year olds. * Girls age 16-24 are at the highest risk of experiencing violence at rates TRIPLE the national average.“There isn’t one specific behavior or concern that seems to arise from adolescent dating violence,” study researcher Dr. Ackard of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, told Reuters Health.For example, girls who’ve been abused on a date don’t always develop eating disorders.When a young man hears a father figure talking about how his partner should always be treated with respect so he had to take time to “cool down” when he was angry rather than lash out at his partner, this provides a framework for what healthy relationships look like and for the importance of managing emotions.The same thing is true when a mother figure talks about the importance of not verbally lashing out at her partner when she is mad but rather taking time to figure out how to own her emotions, manage them, and talk about them constructively with her partner. Adults also need to spend time with teenagers and their dating partners.

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