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Speed dating in london 21 31

You'll be able to book one via your smartphone or laptop and hire charges for a typical five-mile journey will be about £4.

It's almost worth a visit to Grenoble just to have a go, I vouchsafe you'll be as charmed as I was.

Push Drive and the little trike surges gently forward against its brakes, eager to be off.

The test cars were used at the Geneva Show debut last March and had speed limiters, but you fair zoom across the car park when you stand on the throttle.

Currently the i-Road's safety credentials amount to its low speed and manoeuvrability.

"Three wheels came from that, but they would mean it [i-Road] might turn over easily, so we developed an active leaning system to keep it stable." The tilting system is disarmingly simple, with a couple of rods attached to the suspension of each 16in diameter front wheel, linked together via a horizontal crank, which is electronically manipulated to lean the i-ROAD into corners like a skier.

The slower you go the more it steers, so the i-ROAD is more manoeuvrable at walking pace and more stable at speed.

Narrow width and manoeuvrability are the main features.

Just 33.5 inches wide, i-ROAD sits between a scooter and a large motorbike in size, with all the inner-city agility that implies.

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), with the idea taken up by a series of Mercedes-Benz concepts, the 1997 Lifejet and the 2002 Carving, as well as BMW with its tilting tricycle eco concepts.