Sweet dee is dating a retarded person

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Now, it's not that you don't that.” Dedicated fans of the show—which makes its ninth season debut tonight at 10 p.m. While we may not share in its royalties, viewers who discovered the show in its early days (even before Danny De Vito added a bit more legitimacy to the madness in season two) feel a deep affinity for and its characters and can more readily rattle off a list of favorite moments than entire episodes (Dee rocking out to Steve Winwood and learning some “amazing moves” from an inflatable man in “The Gang Buys a Boat” is a personal highlight, though the episode didn’t make the final cut here).

What makes the task even tougher is that doesn’t follow a typical sitcom structure, wherein plot and subplot work together to create one overarching storyline.

Leave it to Charlie to create a commercial in good faith, but have it be completely horrible and inappropriate.

As Charlie tries (with a hilariously high-pitched voice) to sell his invention of mittens for cats, we watch as he creates a typical low budget ad, but with some “Sunny” twists.

It’s made even funnier when the gang tries incorporating it into their conversation, knowing that the phrase will never catch on. While trying to eavesdrop on some workers down-talking him, Frank hides in a nearby couch.

However, Gail is not the most attractive individual, due to her skin problems and constant slurping noises.

You can’t really distinguish between these two feelings when it comes to this show, but honestly, does that even matter?

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However, it’s the moment when the couch practically births Frank that gets the heaviest laughs.

While it’s pretty repulsive seeing a nude Frank emerge from the couch and crawl around like an infant, complete with his hacking coughs, it’s also hilarious in an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” kind of way.

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with an unenviable challenge: to pick his 12 favorite episodes of the raucous comedy.