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Actor Terrence Howard has revealed he has been secretly dating former Miss Universe DAYANARA TORRES - the ex-wife of Jennifer Lopez's husband Marc Anthony.The HUSTLE FLOW star began dating Torres earlier this year (05) - just four months after his wife of 14 years LORI left him for her childhood sweetheart, a fate Torres suffered when Anthony left her for Lopez.She claims he’s never given any gifts and they remain inside most days.“We don’t have a normal life,” she told the magazine.We’ve been brother and sister, we’ve been father and daughter, we’ve been son and mother, we’ve probably been husband and wife.There’s been so many different lifetimes that there’s this accumulated love and disappointment and hope that we feel for each other.” But just because they have something so deep and timeless, doesn’t mean they always see eye to eye.

Yes, it is true that Terrence Howard was married for four times. Then this couple had their divorce but after 2 years, we got this information that this couple again got remarried.The status of Howard, 47, and Pak’s relationship is unknown.However, it seems they’re going strong since divorcing in August 2015 after two years of marriage and reuniting that fall.is a bonafide hit — its ratings just won’t stop climbing and we can’t get enough of the Shakespearean-meets-hip-hop drama.And if we’re being honest with ourselves, though the music is catchy as all heck (“Drip Drop,” anyone?

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At the time, the producers weren’t familiar with the exact relationship between Taraji and Terrence, and they mistook their playful banter as being disruptive to the shoot.