The dating game host lang en

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The dating game host lang en

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env=A" data-max-width="3000" data-ratio="1.365" data-title=" Dick Gregory" data-uuid="da38a44c-85bf-11e7-a50f-e0d4e6ec070a"Read the obituary: Glen Campbell, clean-cut country star and crossover hitmaker, dies at 81.

“The Gong Show Movie,” which he directed and starred in, only stayed in theaters for one week, the Associated Press reported. “Critics had harassed me for 15 years saying that I’d lowered the bar of civilization,” Barris told the A. In it, he claimed his trips to foreign destinations, supposedly to scout locations to send his game show victors, were merely a cover for him to assassinate CIA targets. “It sounds like he has been standing too close to the gong all those years,” said then-CIA spokesman Tom Crispell.

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env=A" data-max-width="2887" data-ratio="1.334" data-title=" Kate Millett" data-uuid="4320bd56-93d4-11e7-aace-04b862b2b3f3"Read the obituary: Murray Lerner, Oscar-winning documentarian who captured rock history, dies at 90 ' data-credit="Family photo" data-image="https:// Post/2017/09/06/Obituaries/Images/Murray_Lerner.jpg?

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