The heart doctor dating

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The heart doctor dating

Keeping your heart healthy is of paramount importance as you age.

So as long as you feel peppy and on point most of the time (and aren’t depressed) your heart is probably pumping powerfully and the arterial highways are free of congestion—then learn How to Stay Lean for Life: The Workout.

Testers will look at whether or not your blood pressure dips too low or goes too high, any arrhythmias, or heartbeat fluctuations, will be noted (though they usually aren’t of clinical significance), and you the workload you are able to stand will be record in “METS,” which is metabolic equivalents, or a physiological measure expressing the energy cost of exercise.

If you reach 80% of the age-predicted maximum heart rate (220 – your age) during your test, that’s considered a good result, and 90% or better is considered excellent.

And it’s not just the fellas over 65—the average age of a man’s first heart attack—who need to be worried.

Premature coronary artery disease hits up to 10% of men before age 45, and today’s average 50-year-old has a roughly 50% risk of developing heart disease as he gets older.

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