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Horror Story: So I was grabbing a drink with this guy and he was scrolling through his photos to show me something when a pic of some girl’s boobs pops up. Then he went into detail about how his ex still sends him nude pictures blah blah blah.He was so awkward that he literally got up and left. So what if they Google your name and lurk your Instagram account? Then there’s the diversification: swiping apps likes Tinder, where men traditionally message first, and Bumble, where women initiate the conversation; conventional dating sites like Ok Cupid, which generate compatibility based on questionnaires; and niche sites like Christian Mingle, Farmers Only . Sure, the internet has made it easier to meet people, but it will never make up for a lack of creativity or chemistry. Why deal with the anxiety of approaching a stranger at a bar if you can meet online and begin with the premise of mutual attraction? there’s even one called Singles with Food Allergies.

It doesn’t require any special skills, and they’re just a bunch of middlemen.” I asked him if he saw the irony about a translator calling someone else a middleman, but he stared blankly and ordered another shot.

And multilayered dates, like going to an art show, then dinner and drinks. What advice would you give to somebody who says they don’t know what to do?

If you’re unsure of anything to do, then go do everything for a while. One of the most attractive things is to see somebody in their place of passion.

Kevin had already noticed her, so he was quick to beat out a jam on the spoons, which prompted a conversation about music.

When Kevin found out that she also played music, he was quick to suggest they play together. “There was no way for the two of us to jam together,” explains Kevin.


Horror Story: During my sophomore year at UOP, I was in a band. At this point in my life, I didn’t really drink, just a few beers here or there.

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