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She said a man - using the name 'David' - called about watching his autistic son, 'Alex.' Police reported the caller described the son as 19-years-old and said he still wore nappies, drinks formula from a bottle and uses a dummy.

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He conned her by portraying he was autistic.'He also advised all of these acts were for a sexual purpose.'Richardson is being held in Oklahoma City Jail and is charged with a felony count of sexual battery and seven misdemeanour counts of outraging public decency.

He is due to appear in court on January 5th for a preliminary hearing.

A police spokesman said: 'Looking back on everything now, knowing he was not autistic while she was wiping him and cleaning him up completely disgusts her.'She believed initially she was caring for an autistic person, but he was actually someone using her to get stimulated.'Police Inspector Priscilla Helm reported in a court affidavit that Richardson admitted he 'conned this family and did it…

for attention.' 'He also admitted to doing this in April 2010 with another woman.

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