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Updating reference tables mysql

A partial list of supported databases is show in the table below.

Please check on the web2py web site and mailing list for more recent adapters.

The Windows binary distribution works out of the box with SQLite, MSSQL, Postgresql and My SQL.

The Mac binary distribution works out of the box with SQLite. The IMAP option allows to use DAL to access IMAP.web2py defines the following classes that make up the DAL: The DAL object represents a database connection.

To use any other database back-end, run from the source distribution and install the appropriate driver for the required back end. For example: because it is an instance of a Uniform Resource Identifier.

This can be done with even without having the required database drivers.For now, we will assume the presence of a single database since this is the most common situation. The connection string is the only web2py code that depends on a specific back-end database. In the case of My SQL, Postgre SQL, MSSQL, Fire Bird, Oracle, DB2, Ingres and Informix the database "test" must be created outside web2py.Here are examples of connection strings for specific types of supported back-end databases (in all cases, we assume the database is running from localhost on its default port and is named "test"): Notice that in SQLite the database consists of a single file. Once the connection is established, web2py will create, alter, and drop tables appropriately. NDB uses a Memcache buffer to read data that is accessed often.Notice that by default web2py uses utf8 character encoding for databases.If you work with existing databases that behave differently, you have to change it with the optional parameter ; it defaults to zero.

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If web2py fails to connect to the database it waits 1 seconds and by default tries again up to 5 times before declaring a failure.

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