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Validating and non validating xml parser

xml2dom is a pure Java Script XML to DOM parser (non-validating).It can be used client and server sided, either with the native DOM or the JSDOM implementation.Mapping is the way of transforming one XML structure to another XML Structure bsed on the Business rules. But in case of graphical mapping XI/PI converts the mapping program into executable Java code internally based on graphical design and executes it on J2ee engine making it comparatively less efficiency.As a part of it we do certain operations like breaking child nodes and attaching them to its parent node and more in an XML structure. Java mappings are more useful when performance of integration server is concerned during runtime.The API is relatively low-level and designed to integrate into pretty much any application and for any use case.

The intention is to make sure that all of the above mentioned issues can be fixed on top of yxml (by the application, or by a wrapper) if strict conformance is required, but the required functionality to support custom entity references and DTD handling has not been implemented yet.

The API is relatively stable, but I won't currently promise any ABI stability.

Dynamic linking against yxml is therefore not a very good idea.

And now follows a list of things that are not part of the core XML specification and are not directly supported.

As with the conformance issues, these features can be implemented on top of yxml.

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Complete API documentation is available in the manual.