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The 50-year-old Brown is the 70-year-old Sajak’s second wife.He was previously married to Sherrill Sajak from 1979 to 1986.NEW YORK – APRIL 10: Television personality Pat Sajak and wife Lesley Brown Sajak attend the “Perfect Stranger” premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre on April 10, 2007 in New York City.

By the spring of 1989, they realized that they were falling in love.

Although I do have a theory as to why reality shows exist, and I think you might buy into this. And I distinctly remember a bunch of us sitting around going, 'Are they nuts? ' Well, now fast forward ahead, that's all there is on television. Number one is, the advantage of being on every day for 30 years is people get used to you getting older. I've always tended to look a little younger than I am. Not accusing you, but suggesting that you're enhancing something.

I confess that is the one area of television that I don't quite understand. ' You just turned 67, but you don't look a day over 52. (Laughs) There are a couple of things at work here. There's certain things you control and certain things you can't. You get to a point though where people start accusing you...

“This might be horrible to say, but we don’t watch TV that often, and that is not going to change even if Pat is our son-in-law.

We prefer reading and decorating the house,” Maria Brown told People. There were between 100 and 150 guests, The Associated Press reported in 1989.

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I finally met Marty about six or eight years ago so we had a chance to talk about it a little bit. Did you ever consider becoming a standup comedian early in your career? I've written some humorous pieces, and I tweet a little bit. You should give Steve Martin a run for his money when it comes to number of followers. They were modestly amusing tweets, but I would get up in the morning thinking, 'Oh my God. And the problem is, there were not enough celebrities to fill all that, so they had to manufacture celebrities, and the way to do that is with reality shows. And the people you've seen throughout those 25 years, they look pretty normal, because you kind of got used to them getting old. If they had to remove something for health reasons, that would be one thing. But the one thing I do do, and I'm happy to admit, because a lot of people do it, if I let my hair be normal it would be mostly gray, but gray with streaks in it. Our favorite sidekick -- lovable deputy sheriff Barney Fife (aka Don Knotts) -- took home five Emmys, and, rightfully so, but it's shocking that Andy was never recognized by the Academy.