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What does pda mean in dating language

“People in healthy relationships have body language and eye-contact cues that generally show they enjoy each other’s company even when not communicating verbally,” says communication coach and body language trainer Patricia Stark.In this way, displaying affection (or a lack of displaying affection), provides an inside look into what’s beneath the surface of your relationship.Also, how much space do you allow between the two of you?

Actions speak louder than words, as the saying goes, and this couldn’t be truer than when it pertains to what we do in our romantic relationships.

Knee Touches “Touching a knee, a shoulder, an ear, or forearm is an intimate act,” Wagner says.

It shows a couple who’s not only connected but really listening to one another.

“Toned-down PDA means the couple still has a strong spark and intense attraction, but are aware that possibly grossing out the rest of the world might not be the best idea,” says certified counselor and self-help book author David Bennett.

By not trying to overstate the state of their relationship, couples who hold hands show they’re secure in their romantic life, but also self-aware of how their actions play to the rest of the world.

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