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Who is amanda crew dating

Even then, forensic experts told the court that it would be extremely hard for two people to erase all their fingerprints, particularly in the case of Miss Knox, who had lived there for two months.

She'll star in Repeaters and Miss Dial in 2011, and is reportedly also starring in the thriller Charlie Zone.

Why did Rudy Guede tell a friend that Miss Knox was not in the house on the night of the murder?

Guede, the Ivory Coast-born immigrant who was found guilty of the murder in a separate, fast-track trial and is serving a 16 year sentence, made the call by Skype from an internet cafe while he was on the run in Germany. A few months after his arrest, he changed his story, saying that he had been on the lavatory and that on coming out of the bathroom he had grappled with a stranger, who could have been Mr Sollecito, and that he saw Miss Knox's silhouette outside the house.

They initially insisted that the motive was sexual in nature, with Miss Knox allegedly wanting to satisfy some kind of sadistic urge by involving Miss Kercher, Mr Sollecito and Guede in an orgy.

But prosecutors later changed their theory radically, claiming that Miss Knox killed Miss Kercher in a moment of blind hate because she was sick of being criticised by her British flatmate for her personal hygiene and for bringing male friends back to the house they shared. One of the key points of prosecution evidence was a clasp cut from Miss Kercher's bra, which they said bore tiny traces of Sollecito's DNA.

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In her forceful closing address to the supreme court judges on Friday morning, Miss Bongiorno, Mr Sollecito's lawyer, said that the knife was incompatible with the wounds.

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