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However, things go awry, and Chelsea realizes Nikki may be sticking around for a bit longer. Chelsea brings Dee Dee and Nikki along with her on a deep sea fishing trip she was invited to go on.

On the trip, Dee Dee hits it off with one of the captains while Chelsea and Nikki attempt to pair off with two of the doctors until they realize that the two guys are more than just colleagues.

Sloane hosts an event with her church group at the sports bar and one of the band members catches Chelsea's eye.

But after spending time with him, she realizes he is more of a match for Dee Dee and attempts to set them up.

you tend to see a lot of people do very bizarre things. I was in New York City for five years before moving here — every two blocks someone’s having the worst day of their life. A lot of little kids started buying all these Chihuahuas when Paris Hilton got one and didn’t want to keep them. — AS TOLD TO DAVID MARCHESE, PHOTOGRAPHS BY TURE LILLEGRAVEN More Laughs From SPIN’s “Funny” Issue:• Funny Is Deadly Serious: Patton Oswalt Introduces SPIN’s New Issue• Das Racist Cover Story: These Colors Don’t Run• ‘Portlandia’ Stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein Toast Rock’s Great Cliches• We Like Short Shorts!

I was just watching this documentary about Bill Hicks and he was doing psychedelics, then he started playing comedy clubs and got into drinking. She’s a Chihuahua-Jack Russell terrier — we found her in a garbage can in an alley. Doing TV is great, but TV is for starring on, not for watching.

Nikki takes a job at the bar, which Rick enjoys, but her personality rubs everyone else the wrong way.

Dee Dee, Olivia, and Chelsea attempt to help Nikki look good for her fiance, who is having cold feet.

On Thursday's episode of @Midnight, where Leggero and Ross were contestants, host Chris Hardwick asked the guests to air some of their barbs at Justin Bieber that they didn't get a chance to during the Roast, which was recorded earlier this month.

It is based on Chelsea Handler's 2008 best-selling book Are You There, Vodka?

It's Me, Chelsea and aired from January 11 to March 28, 2012, on NBC.

Curiously - since the theme of @midnight is improv comedy and thinking on one's feet - Ross didn't immediately pick up on the fact Leggero had just hit him with a second-hand barb, proving he either didn't realise or he didn't think the jokes were that similar after all.

Parodying the rapper's lyrics, he said '"Move, b***h, get out of the way", is what Paul Walker should have told that tree', prompting outrage from fans of the actor, who died in a car crash in November 2013.

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In the original pilot he played Jonathan, one of Chelsea's love interests.

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