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RAM upgrades are limited by the capability of the system and the availability of expansion slots for adding RAM.In many cases, upgrading RAM may involve replacing existing RAM modules with larger modules again limited by the capability of the system.See at Adorama There's a lot to think over, so if this hasn't helped you sort it out, please turn to our Apple Hardware forums and post your question there.Our legion of helpful forum posters will give you their expert feedback. However, adding RAM is a better solution because your processor can read data from RAM much faster than from a hard drive.RAM has two main attributes that affect your system's performance: memory capacity and memory speed.Today, most systems are equipped with a 64-bit operating system.Some systems have older design and utilize a 32-bit (X86) operating system.

Microsoft has an excellent listing in the hyperlink below listing Windows versions and the amount of RAM supported: Memory Limits for Windows and Windows Server Releases With faster RAM, you increase the speed at which memory transfers information to other components.

Generally, the more RAM your system has, the larger the digital countertop you have to work on and the faster your programs will run.

If your system is running slowly due to lack of RAM, you might be tempted to increase virtual memory because it's less expensive.

Currently provided by Intel, they range from the ultra-low power Core M to the ultra-powerful quad-core Core i7 in high-end Mac Book Pro and i Mac to — yeah, it's still around! Generally speaking, faster cores let you do single things faster. So, getting a faster core is like upgrading from a regular car to a race car.

Going from dual to quad core is like getting a second car.

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